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Mobile Website Application

Sterco Digitex’s develops efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective Mobile Application solutions for the diversified business needs of its global customers.

At Sterco Digitex, you will get comprehensive Mobile App solutions to cater to your unique brand and business goals. In the recent past, smartphones and mobile app technologies have become immensely popular. Hence, it has become imperative for all business houses, irrespective of their sizes, to offer smooth mobile experience to their customers. The team at Sterco has years of experience in creating applications with multitude of features to achieve individual business goals. The Company works in close coordination with its clients and love hearing new ideas from them, at the same time shares its knowledge in end-users, competitive analysis, UI design & architecture, prototyping, testing, launch, and promotion among others.

One of the most trusted mobile application development companies in India, Sterco carries expertise in handling mobile applications development with dissimilar technologies, such as, iPhone, Android, and Windows, that cater to the business goals of dissimilar commerce. The Company appreciates individual business goals and their requirement to customize their Mobile Apps. The areas of their expertise are:

The features used to design and develop high-end mobile apps:
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Native App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Reliable look & feel as per main website
  • Database Driven Content
  • Integration with main website for automated updates
  • Minimum loading time

At Sterco Digitex, you get advanced mobile and tablet application development services. The team of Developers, Graphic Designers and Usability Experts ensures that your app incorporates all the latest features that help you meet the expectations of your target audience.

Mobile website application

Business Apps

Sterco Digitex offers end to end corporate and business app solutions for wide spectrum of verticals to help its clients’ excel in the digital marketplace. To implement business strategies in this age of technology oriented digital environment, the Company emphasizes on innovative ideas by investing on new technologies to build new products across mobile devices.

Ecommerce App

Sterco delivers robust, customer-driven, innovative and secure mobile applications that enhance your business values. By enabling e-commerce (and m-commerce) platforms for you, the team at Sterco allows you to manage and update products, customers, track orders, discounts, etc., on a real time basis.

Educational Apps

Educational Apps are not only cost-effective but also offers efficient training for both learners and educators. It enables learners to choose time, place and device of their choice to engage in learning sessions that also provides instant and better analysis and results.
Sterco Digitex has years of experience in designing and developing flexible education apps to create great learning experience for both students and trainers. With its expertise in the domain, Sterco also provides customized educational solutions to help its clients enhance their performance.

Social Networking App

With inbuilt high-impact and high-performance features like profile management, discussions, polls, etc., the social networking apps developed at Sterco Digitex present a platform that allows user engagement in a simplified and interesting way.

Entertainment and Games

Entertainment Apps designed and developed at Sterco are enriched with multimedia content, audio, video and images to help you address evolving market challenges. Such apps are the best marketing tools for promoting new brands, products launches, features, etc. by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your specific business goals.


Sterco assists publishing houses in developing highly interactive eBooks in the ePub format. With an enviable and proven track record, the company develops engaging and cost-effective eBooks that help modern publishing companies to gain insights into leading and emerging technologies to meet the ever growing needs of its E-learning customers.