Empower your Business with Online Retail Solutions

Sterco Digitex is offering E-commerce solution to convert your visitors into regular customers. An instant upsurge in the Online Retail Market has encouraged many business houses to develop Online Stores. The adept team of developers at Sterco with vast experience of the industry and understanding of latest ecommerce trends can help you achieve your Online Retail goals.

E commerce
E commerce

At Sterco Digitex, E-commerce solutions are made for you and your visitors. Sterco develops robust ecommerce solutions so that you remain ahead in your business. A trusted name in the industry, the Company develops websites with a user-friendly interface, appealing look and feel and easy to manage backend that includes Customers Management, Order Management, Vendor Management, Logistics, Payment Gateways, etc.

Why choose Sterco for Ecommerce websites?

Platform Independent

Sterco Digitex offers feature-packed ecommerce solutions that can help you reach out to your customers through the devices of their choice. By identifying features that best suit your business requirements; Sterco empowers you to enhance your online operations by developing highly reliable ecommerce websites for your B2B and B2C businesses.


Sterco Digitex offers solutions that are scalable and robust enough to manage your growing inventory and customer base. The proficient team at Sterco puts in all hard work to build solutions that are powerhouse of your business, by offering dynamic and high performance experience to your audience.


It is the well thought out architecture of the websites developed at Sterco Digitex that the team here adeptly helps you in successfully integrating solutions to various applications. The team is experienced in integrating your website with various types of ERPs, CRMs, Accounting Management Applications, Inventory Management Systems, Point of Sales (POS) Applications, Logistic APIs, SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways, etc. This enables seamless flow of information to effortlessly manage your multiple portals with increased efficiency.

Intelligent Search

Many surveys say Site Search is the key feature that plays a crucial role in converting the traffics in ecommerce websites. The Company offers this solution through various plugins - Solr Search, etc. Various add-ons (predictive, synonyms, etc.) and auto text features are included to offer relevant results, directed at enhancing shopping experience and increasing the conversion rates.

Open Source Tools

The solutions offered at Sterco Digitex are driven by clients’ requirements and their business goals. Best e-commerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, or Custom PHP) that are characterized by robustness, scalability and reliability are recommended here. The team of UI Designers, Information Architects, Developers, Testers and Project Manager at Sterco ensures that your website guarantees solutions that are perfect blend of usability and functionality.

Online Payment

Smooth payment transaction is necessary for utmost customer satisfaction. Sterco Digitex has experience of integrating various payment gateways, compatible to respective platforms.