The roar of a tiger. A swaying elephant. The majestic ruins of Hampi. The mighty Himalayas. A flash of lightning. Chasing the monsoons. Gliding through the backwaters. Tearing down the Ganges. Tears from mirchi ka salan. Succor from coconut water. The burst of diwali fire crackers. The soft color from tesu flowers on holi. Sunrise in Ladakh. Sunset in Kanyakumari. The healing touch of Ayurveda. The calming power of Yoga. Taj Mahal in the moonlight. The Delhi Metro at dawn.Close your eyes. Travel back in time to an ancient civilization flourishing along the lush Indus River Valley. See the bustle of traders.
Gaze at the well laid out cities. Hear the laughter of precious children. Follow the sacred intonations of priests. Marvel at the sinewy terracotta figurines. Admire the carefully hand crafted gold jewelry.Now, five thousand years later, open your eyes to an India, same, yet different.An incredible journey awaits you in a land where the guest is revered as God.


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