In the twilight shadows caress the shape shifting landscape. Sand dunes gather and drift towards the canopy. A camel, in a richly decorated saddle, merges with the tawny panorama. The flame of the lantern flickers. Even the star spangled sky pales in front of this endless sea of gold. The Thar Desert, the mighty Himalayas, sacred rivers, fertile plains, rugged hills, dry plateaus, and a long coastal strip. India, from North to South and East to West, is as diverse as it is expansive. While the country’s north is protected by the Himalaya Mountains, the triangular peninsula has the Bay of Bengal to its east, the Arabian Sea to its west, and the Indian Ocean to its south.
Ski in Auli, snorkel in Lakshadweep, skydive in Uttaranchal, and surrender to the rain forests of the North East. Explore India’s breathtaking natural landscape, one vista at a time.


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